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Hi! My name is
Magdalena Mari

Media Buying & Ecommerce Consultant, scaling brands with innovative growth strategies.



At Prime Wave Media, I focus on delivering tangible business outcomes. I recognize that each client has unique goals, and I tailor our strategies to align with the specific needs and characteristics of their business.

Media Entrepreneur

I am a former teacher turned self-starting media entrepreneur with 7+ years of experience in elevating the visibility and relevance of brands across various industries and international markets. I am a results-driven growth catalyst, and a versatile leader with a proven track record of developing successful brand strategies, launching successful campaigns and creating innovative media plans.

What I Do

eCommerce & Website Design

I have 5+ years of experience as an ecommerce consultant for reputable Shopify theme companies. I specialize in troubleshooting, store setup, merchant support, and designing and building innovative, mobile-responsive WordPress and Shopify Ecommerce sites with the latest technologies.

Ad Creatives

I can assist you in both developing your ad strategy and creating your ad creatives. I will provide a list of innovative video concepts that are tailored to your target market. I will then work with a team of carefully chosen user-generated content creators to produce high-quality images and videos that we will edit in-house to create campaign-ready ad creatives for our campaigns.

Paid Social

I oversee the success of paid traffic campaigns and ensuring ad dollars are being spent as effectively as possible. I create engaging ads, build relevant audiences, and leverage ad platform algorithms to get my clients qualified traffic and leads that drive revenue efficiently. I manage campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, TikTok & Pinterest.


“Magdalena is a consummate professional who is thoughtful and creative in her approach to building and marketing websites. She is extremely knowledgeable about the Shopify platform in particular, and is able to leverage its available features, recommend and integrate apps, and configure sections and pages to create beautiful, compelling and ultimately effective online shops. She is a savvy marketer and an excellent troubleshooter, and fully able to deal with any issues or questions throughout a project with grace and patience – which makes working with Magdalena a very enjoyable, as well as rewarding, experience!”
— Sharon A.

Magdalena was very professional, respectful, friendly, intelligent. She communicated clearly what she was going to do and what her process was. The site looks great. It’s polished and everything comes in smoothly and does what it’s supposed to do.”
— Josephine Voong

“Magdalena helped us achieve our goals of a modern, refreshing space through effective communication, responsiveness, creative thinking, meeting deadlines, and most importantly listening. She brought visual life to the work that we do. Because of her ideas and work, our site is fresh, modern, and better explains how we deliver for our clients – past, current, and future.”
— Lindsay C.

“I worked with Magdalena Maria in regards to Social Media Strategy. She consulted me in regards to strategies about growing my social media account, producing viral high quality content, and how to be successful on the social media platforms. I recommend her social media expertise.”
— Alan W.

“Magdalena is a Shopify powerhouse – a person with great skills and profound Shopify experience. She’s knowledgeable, friendly, and resourceful. Her several years working not only in the Shopify ecosystem but with premium Shopify themes, handling marketing projects, and consulting hundreds of shops over that time will really shine through when you’re looking for a hand with your latest project”
— Ashley F.

“Magdalena was a great professional to work for over six years on several Shopify sites, she provides very clear directions, effective and problem-solving on multiple websites and bugs, she helped me a lot to get started and also to understand internal processes. Her work ethic is immaculate, she is very reliable and very goal-oriented which inspired our team to try our best always! Not only this, she was an inspiration to the rest of us in our team as she always went extra mile and found great ways to quickly solve problems on the Shopify platform and many other things. I believe that would be a great asset to your company and will bring a lot of value along with her expertise and knowledge”
— Salman A

“Magdalena and I worked together for 3.5 years and she was always a friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable team member. She worked tremendously hard to make sure the merchant always had a positive experience. She has extensive knowledge in Shopify themes and has supported countless merchants with their shops. I have no doubt Magdalena would do a terrific job setting up and launching Shopify stores for new merchants!

— Justin B.


Ready to elevate your brand? I’d love to hear about your digital project. Please reach out by email or fill out the form.